Network Support Services

Net On Cosmos – PC Workshop, monitoring closely the developments in the field of communication and networks and possessing specialized personnel, aims at covering your corporate needs and undertakes:

Net On Cosmos – PC Workshop: Network Maintenance Services

  • Design and administration of your local network (LAN).
  • Provision, repair or upgrade of your company’s computers.
  • Installation or upgrade of your operating system, as well as of all the necessary programs.
  • Installation of a central antivirus solution and the removal of viruses and spyware programs.
  • Installation and administration of a central computer (Domain Server) according to your needs.
  • Installation and administration of a central mail server (Exchange server).
  • Creation of automated backup procedure (safety copies).
  • Data retrieval of data which are lost due to their deletion or a defective operation of the storage device.
  • Transferring files and settings from older computers to new ones.
  • Installation and interconnection of peripheral devices.
  • Installation of an ADSL Internet connection.
  • Adjustment and support of e-mail programs.
  • Training of users.
  • Technical support of the company’s network, remotely or at your premises.

In order to better serve our clients, we provide immediate support services:
– over the phone at: 694 43 44 963.
– through a remote connection to your computer.

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