Remote Computer Support

Do you need immediate technical support in your house or your office?

Nowadays, technology and high Internet speed enable us to provide you with technical support quickly, but most of all, with safety. Of course, the necessary prerequisite is that you have Internet access and you are able to surf the Internet.

Remote support of Net On Cosmos – PC Workshop, provides you with:

  • Immediate response.
  • Immediate solution to all the problems you may face.
  • Time profit.
  • Safety.
  • Lower cost because it is not necessary to have a technician present at your    premises.

How do we ensure your safety?

  • You execute the remote support program only when you need it and it is not permanently installed in your computer.
  • During the operation of the program, a random unique number (ID) will appear, which you have to disclose to our technician so that he can connect to your computer.
  • All the actions made by our technician are visible on your computer screen.
  • You can interrupt the technician’s connection before or after the completion of  the session at any given time.
  • The program does not remain installed in your hard disk so that nobody can connect to your computer without your permission.


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