Computer & Network Repair Services

Netcosmos – PC Workshop fixes all kinds of problems related to your computer or network. Here you will find the reliable partner for the smooth operation of your computer, because we provide quick and guaranteed solutions at low prices without, however, reducing the quality of our services.

Our company undertakes responsible and promptly the technical support for any problem that may emerge on your computer or its peripherals.

Provided services*:

  • Repair and upgrade of your computer or laptop (PC or MAC).
  • Technical support on site or at our premises.
  • Remote technical support.
  • Remedying problems through Internet.
  • Installation or upgrade of the operating system and of the necessary programs.
  • Diagnosing and remedying problems of operative system and programs.
  • Removal and cleaning of viruses and spyware.
  • Diagnosing the proper operation of the parts of your computer or laptop.
  • Optimization of the speed and the operation of your computer.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of your computer from dust and other material.
  • Creation of safety copies (backup).
  • Retrieving missing data due to their deletion or defect of the storage device.
  • Transfer of your files and settings from your old to your new computer.
  • Installation of the peripherals of your computer.
  • Installation of Internet connection and definition of e-mail program settings.
  • Installation of home or corporate network (wireless or wired).

In order to better serve our clients, we provide immediate support services:
– Over the phone at: 694 43 44 963.
– Through a remote connection (remote support) to your computer.

Through our website you will find our suggestions for useful free programs for your computer, device drivers, etc.

You can also visit our blog to find free tips and solutions for the proper functioning and the security of your computer.

* This list is indicative only and non-exhaustive. For services not mentioned above  please contact us.

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