Terms of Use

Terms of use of content and services.

The company Net On Cosmos – PC Workshop (PCW.GR) through its web site, aims at informing those interested in its products and services, as well as at suggesting solutions through guidelines or applications, depending on the needs of the interested parties.

The visitor has to read the Privacy Policy and the terms of use that are mentioned below and, provided that he agrees, then he can continue reading and using the content of our website.

All the content of the website <https://www.pcw.gr>, (texts, graphics, information, suggested links) consists of copyright material, the property of the company Net On Cosmos – PCW and it is strictly forbidden to refer, republish, reprint, copy any text or material without the knowledge and the permission of the company, according to the Greek laws of copyright (Ν2121/93) and international law.

On its part Net On Cosmos – PCW tries at all times to keep the content of its website updated, to correct and mistakes or omissions and to check the suggested links to other web pages.

Net On Cosmos – PCW is not responsible for any errors and omissions in the content of its website and any damage or malfunction that may result from the content uploaded.

Net On Cosmos – PCW is not responsible for the content or the quality of information of other web pages or sites that are suggested through its web pages. For any problem that results from visiting other websites the user should address the creators of those sites and not Net On Cosmos.

Net On Cosmos – PCW is not responsible for the use of programs or information that are suggested in its website.
Running the applications or the programs suggested, as well as the use of the guidelines that are provided in our website, assume advanced knowledge and should always be carried out with the responsibility of the user and Net On Cosmos is not responsible for any problems or damages that may result from their use.

NetCosmos – PCW.GR proposes solutions to programs, applications or tools, strictly for informative reasons and attempting to assist users.
Regarding the instructions, questions or complaints for any program or application that we propose through our website, the visitor should address the creator of this application or program and not Net On Cosmos.

We kindly ask our visitors to inform us of any questions they may have or if they detect an error or omission in our website through an e-mail.


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